Unity Ministries


There is room for your gifts and talents for the edification of the body of Christ.  Below are several of many areas where you can join in, get busy, and grow spiritually, as one in Unity!

Men's Ministry

The men of Unity grow through a strategy based on four principles: Reach - Nurture - Equip - Send.  We learn and grow together through Bible Study groups, outings, and workshops to assist men in becoming spiritually, economically, and financially empowered.

Women's Ministry

Woman to woman, sister to sister, heart to heart, we endeavor to promote growth spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and to provide mentorship and love in the lives of those who encounter us.

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Generation of Excellence

Unity has some of the coolest kids on the block!  They are a generation of youth who live life out loud while learning and developing their spiritual walk with God.  They encourage each other through the Word of God and "Real Talk" about the challenges of today's youth.

Unity Outreach

Our faithful volunteers are trained to evangelize for Christ throughout the VA, MD, and DC area.  As a ministering arm of the church, teams are postured to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

Worship Arts Ministry

The worship arts ministry consists of music, drama, and dance to give those with a creative spirit additional ways to worship and express their love and passion for God.  We strive, through the power of God, to minister life-changing worship as we prepare to hear and receive the word of God.

Fit 4 Ministry

Unity's physical fitness is just as important as mental and spiritual fitness!  Our fit 4 ministry experts assist us in maintaining healthy diets, balanced nutrition, safe hygienic practices, and exercise to keep us active and strong! 

Each One..Reach Some..